JetX Game, FAQ – Get answers to your most frequently asked questions

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JetX is crash app. It was developed by SmartSoft Gaming. Users first got access to it in 2019. The utility is classified as a gambling one. However, it does not look like classic slot machines. This explains its high popularity among various segments of the population. The main difference from analogues is that a gambler can interrupt the gameplay at any time if necessary and thus save his money.

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JetX has a simple and straightforward interface. The rules are not very difficult. The size of the reward is affected not only by luck and intuition, but also by the speed of reaction. This allows you to earn not only experienced betters, but also beginners.

Jet X official, how to play correctly?

Better needs to have time to make a contribution and get out of it before the plane he launched crashes to the ground. A citizen can play in two modes: manual and automatic. In the first case, the gamer independently monitors the takeoff and fall of the aircraft. He is required to press the «Pick Up» button at the right time. Otherwise, you will lose your bet. In the second mode, the gambler simply enters the estimated altitude and speed of the flight into the system and waits for a response from the system about the operation.

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Jet X Demo, can I practice my skills in the demo?

Yes it is. The developer is interested in attracting new customers, so a JetX demo was created. Here the user can find out if he likes JetX. It is not possible to make savings. The gamer in the demo version plays for a non-existent (virtual) currency.

Jet X auto, what is the best betting system to use?

It is impossible to clearly answer JetX’s question of how to win. It all depends on the bettor. He develops his own JetX strategy of playing the game, which allows him to win in his opinion. However, betters who have been playing JetX for 2-3 years already prefer a high deposit for a low multiplier, and then a low bet for a high one. This reduces the risk of losing money. For gamblers, the method of big bets on big multipliers is suitable. But when you «raise»” it is recommended to immediately withdraw the money earned.

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Jet X slot, is it realistic to win?

Yes it is possible. Better can use the utility as the main source of income with luck. And considering that you can enter JetX casino on a mobile phone, the user can make money even while sitting in public transport.

Jet X reviews, how to withdraw winnings?

First you create an account. A bank card or online wallet is linked to it. Received rewards are transferred here. Here they can be displayed in any available way. For this purpose, an application is created in the personal account. But the withdrawal is available only to those people who have been verified.

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Jet X official site, how to deposit to play?

The better is authorized on the official website of the online casino to replenish the balance. You can do this both from a computer and from a mobile device. After JetX registration, click on the «Payments» section. Here is the «Deposit» tab. The user can choose a convenient payment method by opening it and specifying the relevant details, as well as the amount. After that, it remains to confirm your action. After 2-3 seconds, the money will be credited to the balance.

What is the minimum amount to bet in JetX?

The minimum deposit starts from 0,1 EUR.

What is the maximum amount to bet on Jet X?

You can bet no more than 600 euros in JetX.

Jet X online, how to play crash game on smartphone?

There is no separate application for JetX game. However, it can still be run on a smartphone. You need to download JetX in Parimatch for this purpose. This is an online casino based on which JetX operates. The utility is available for both Android and iOS devices. Another way is to visit the online casino website from your phone (via a browser), find the necessary game there and activate it. Then you don’t need to download the application.

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How is the winnings calculated in JetX?

The reward is calculated in the classic way for a casino. The size of your bet is multiplied by the coefficient (height of the jet). The higher these values, the greater the reward.

How to use promo code in JetX?

It is enough to visit your personal account in the browser to apply the promo code. There is a field «Enter promo code», in which the combination is entered. You can find out about current promo codes by visiting the JetX website or in the social networks communities that are dedicated to this game.

How long does it take to withdraw money from the JetX game?

The time that will be spent on receiving depends on the selected calculation method. If a citizen transfers to his bank card, the process will take from 15 minutes to 48 hours. If the withdrawal is carried out to an electronic wallet, then the winnings will come in 1-2 minutes. There is no way to speed up this process.

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Jet X strategy, how to learn how to make money in the game?

All comes with experience. If young gamblers mainly focus on luck and their abilities when creating a deposit, then experienced betters follow clear JetX strategies. But there are a number of nuances here. If the user constantly performs the same maneuvers, this does not guarantee him a good jackpot. After playing JetX for a few months, a bettor will be able to understand when to make a big contribution, and when it is better to refrain from this action. Besides, real reviews from JetX players can help in the beginning.

Is JetX a game of chance?

Yes, and this obliges certain restrictions when entering an online casino. It cannot be visited by persons under the age of 18. Theoretically, a teenager can register here and even start betting. However, he will not be able to withdraw the money. It simply will not pass verification, because during this procedure you need to show your passport to the employee in expanded form. You can’t cheat here. Logging into other people’s accounts also threatens to ban the owner forever.

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Jet X website, how to hack the game?

It is theoretically possible to hack the JetX hack. They use special programs and their knowledge in programming for this purpose. But we must not forget two things. Any hacking is illegal. If this becomes known to law enforcement officers or the administration of the resource, the hacker will be punished under the law. The use of hacking programs entails malware infection on the device.

How to replenish the balance in the JetX game?

Money is deposited through a personal account. It contains the «Payments» column. You can link your card or online wallet here.

1Win Jet X, what’s the advantage?

In his simplicity. You can figure out the interface here in one day. And the contributions themselves do not require only luck from the user. The reaction speed is also important here. Therefore, even beginners can earn money on such a game, and not only professional betters. JetX can be used without installing it. Accordingly, you can enter the game absolutely on any devices.

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Are there any life hacks on JetX game?

No. JetX is extremely simple. However, each better gradually establishes for himself certain subtleties of the utility when making a contribution, which allow him to increase his income. But you can only understand these life hacks from your own experience.

What is the best strategy?

It is impossible to focus on it. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the user and his skills. Someone prefers to make huge bets on big odds. For others, it quickly leads to a loss. They make small contributions at minimum odds. However, experienced betters recommend immediately withdrawing the earned funds after the winnings. Otherwise, a citizen can quickly lose them by being carried away by luck.

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How to play JetX for free?

The only real money you need to invest is a betting deposit. JetX itself is absolutely free. Also, do not forget about JetX bonuses.

How to find a JetX game?

This can be done through any search engine. All you have to do is enter the name in the browser. If the search query does not return any results, you should find Parimatch online casino on the Internet. A citizen will be able to find Jet X in the list of available games by registering here, located in the corresponding tab. You can also find it through the Google Play Store or AppStore.

How to bypass JetX blocking?

Local citizens sometimes have problems with access to foreign resources in connection with the latest events in the world, including JetX. You can bypass the blocking with VPN services. But in the US they are semi-legal.

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How to consistently win money at JetX?

If a citizen asked JetX how to win, then the answer is simple. No strategy guarantees a 100% win. It can only increase his chances of success, but no more than that. If some third party claims the opposite and tries to impose on the gamer the buy of one or another strategy, then this is a scammer who wants to cash in on the lack of experience.

How to play JetX game for money?

It is enough to register on the Parimatch online casino website for this and create an account in JetX. After that, the user can start placing bets. However, verification is required to withdraw money. It is better not to delay this, as only a limited amount of money can be stored on the account.

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Is there a jackpot in JetX?

A user can get a jackpot with deposits above one euro and a coefficient greater than x1.5. It is calculated randomly. Therefore, all players who meet the specified conditions can wait for it.

When was JetX slot released?

JetX casino appeared in the public domain in January 2019. Since then, it has become popular not only in the US, but also in several other countries.

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What is the payoff percentage in the JetX machine?

It is not possible to give a specific number. The payoff depends on the user himself: on his abilities, luck and frequency of entering the game. Jet X is becoming a good source of additional income for some. Others play it just to pass the time and feel the spirit of the casino. Naturally, the first and second earnings will differ significantly.

What is the maximum winnings in JetX?

Asking JetX casino how to win, it should be understood that, as such, the maximum sum of the jackpot is not set here. Therefore, the profit will depend on the size of the bet and the coefficient. But if a person constantly wins large sums on bets, the resource administration may have certain questions for him. The user can be accused of fraud and temporarily block the account. It is recommended that in case of a constant large «rise» for a week or more, reduce your activity for several days so that this does not happen. This will help save the account and location of the administration. Yes, and you need to take a break from JetX so as not to lose your skills and not get carried away by luck. This can result in a complete loss of winnings.

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What is the minimum payout in JetX?

An application for withdrawal will be issued if there is at least 1,000 euros on the better’s account. But it will also not work to withdraw more than 60,000 euros in one operation.

How to get an advantage over other players in JetX?

Never. This is one aspect of the policy of the developer company. They believe that everyone should be in the same conditions. This enhances the fairness of the process. And there are fewer thoughts about possible hacks and the use of cheats among people who are in the same conditions as their opponents. This improves security.

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What is the RTP for playing JetX?

The average RTP in JetX is 94-96%. Thus, if a citizen bets $100 on a game, he can count on the fact that at least $94-96 will return to him. However, this is an average. Nobody can promise the user anything. Everything depends on him. But the system is designed specifically for these percentages (according to the requirements of RTP legislation, a casino cannot have less than 90%).

Is there an app that will help me win at JetX game?

No. The main requirement of the policy of the developer company is honesty and equality among betters. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the help of additional applications here. The flight of the aircraft is determined by a random number generator. It is impossible to deceive him.

Are there bonuses for signing up for JetX?

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There is a welcome bonus for new players. This is 100% of the first deposit. That is, if a user puts $200 into his account, then the system will deposit another $200. This money can be used for donations.

Can I win real money by playing JetX Game?

Yes, it’s possible. It just takes a bit of luck and a good reaction.


JetX is one of the most popular cash games in the USA. It has a simple interface that allows beginners to quickly understand the intricacies of the application. The game can be a good source of additional or basic income with good luck and skill. Playing JetX allows you to make friendly contacts with people from other countries. Users communicate on international forums and in the utility itself. After all, the utility is a classic waste of time, not a dating site. People come here to make money and have fun!

But Jet X is not just about money. It is a great opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. The international community of players actively interacts both in the game itself and in various forums. Close communication sometimes develops into strong friendships, and sometimes even into business relationships. Of course, we must recognize that the majority of Jet X users are men. Do not count on finding a soul mate here, it is hardly worth it.

Crash Slot is still a great way to make money, kill time, and get bright emotions. Excitement, drive, adrenaline – that’s what this game is all about. Here you can distract yourself from everyday worries and have fun to your heart’s content. Jet X gives you the opportunity to be in your own world, where there is only you, happiness and excitement.

No wonder the game is so popular. It gives people what they need – profit, communication, emotions. If you play according to the strategy, you will be able to win all the time, but you will have to train in the demo mode.

However, it is worth remembering that every gambling game has an inherent risk of losing. Jet X requires a responsible approach – the ability to stop in time. Players should be aware of their financial capabilities and not spend more than they can afford.

Like any gambling game, Jet X does not guarantee a large income. Everything depends on the player’s luck and skill. Therefore, you should not use it as your only source of income when you first start playing.

If you approach the game responsibly, you can get a lot of positive emotions. Excitement and adrenaline, new acquaintances, the possibility of additional income – this is what makes this game so popular among players all over the world.